Report on the CITIES REPORTS Print
Written by Redas Diržys   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 19:10

I am proposing the material because I am sure you could find there some very raw, but quite truthful mapping of the cultural colonialism and to what extents are brainwashed the minds of the cultural operators in nowadays Europe.

Short introduction: in January 2003 Austrian artists Fouad Asfour and Catrin Bolt started a research on cities, investigating the views of different persons have on the place where they work and live. They addressed people from the field of art and culture by email, asking them to send a description of a city they live or lived in. The received texts are rather informal and personal and don't give conclusive information about cities. The artists arranged the wall newspaper (click here to read it) which juxtaposes these different and also similar views: professionals who are active in artistic and cultural production express their private view on what they do and where they live.


We think that one can observe a tendency towards overproduction in many fields of art and culture. At the same time we know that many people work overtime in order to achieve perfect results. The long term range of the messages offers a retrospective view to changes of art scenes and ideas, to conceptions of spaces and groups in different cities of the world. [Fouad Asfour and Catrin Bolt, 2007] 

As I found for myself while reading the materials the whole set of raw ideas is much more interesting then carefully prepared and much less sincere or less incorrect version. Of course the mostly boring there are the reviews on recognized western European art cities and especially interesting scope on Balkans. I can say that Baltic area was represented pretty boring, but it is as it is - one definite conclusion after reading all that texts at once - art world is totally boring and it is not because the artists are badly selected, but because there is a complete feeling that they are totally fooled by the system which is overwhelming and hopeless in separately taken local situation. I found out it very in relation to mine current ideas of the art strike. I hope you will agree with me that some of the thoughts in the paper are quite sad to be read out - sometimes I can't believe the artists are so shortsighted...and naïve...and, probably, stupid… 

Somehow we were interested in the aftermath of the big wave of funding artistic projects by Soros and the likes. I think that these answers hint at something you can find all over the world, that only a tiny bit of artistic production is visible to an international audience and that locally much more is going on, which is not being represented, and which refuses to be represented. I think that this condition is inherent not only to the dialectic of local-global, but to any condition of artistic production. [Fouad Asfour, 2008]