Alytus Art Strike Biennial: General Guidelines for 18-23 August, 2009 Print
Written by Martin Zet & Redas Diržys   
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 19:35


1. Anybody who attends Alytus Art Strike Biennial is an artist. Right after approaching Alytus everybody must decide if to take part in the strike or blindly continue in her/his artistic activities (both needed, first ones to be petted and supported for the merciless showing down with the strikebreakers – the second ones.)

2. Strikers will act in the social space without schedule and warning, no documentation is required. On the contrary an attempt to make any recording of current art strike activities will be considered and treated as a scab gesture.

3. Striking artist will disappear in the society, while artist scabs will keep their appearance plus they will become visible also to their ex-colleagues. Thorough alienation not balanceable by the feeling of exclusivity will be itself a punishment. 

4. Striking artist will appear on the picket line, while the scabs disappear in the crowd.

5. Strike critics (transformed also from art critics) are recommended to change their usual mode and name and support the most constructively destroying directions.

6. Mass media can be involved only under the condition that they stop pretending being objective.

7. No copyrights, no rights for the audience.

8. Competing will be considered to be a shadow from the ex-artlife.

9. Let all the thinkable ways of striking be implied in trust of under or over-standing.

10. Foreigner striker who doesn’t find here the subject of protest (because of non-acquaintance with the local situation) can fight against the things he knows from different places.

11. Striking can destroy – eat up its parent – Alytus Art Strike Biennial.

12. No pretending will be tolerated.

13. Actions can be coordinated and chaotic, even harming each other.

14. If Alytus Art Strike Biennial fulfills the expectations some of its strategies will be used in other attempts to destroy other mops and mows of “serious culture” and for the General Strike in close future.

15. The solidarity is preferred.

16. Alytus Art Strike Biennial is proving if an artist is still able to step beyond his personal interest and redefine her/his role in the society.

17. Alytus Art Strike Biennial is not a holiday for artists – it’s the feast for the strikers!




Martin Zet and Redas Diržys

ZCCA-Libusin Unlimited  - already on Strike