MANIFESTO NO 1. 1966 Print
Written by ICAA - Granada   
Monday, 20 April 2009 15:29


A: Become saltier than the sea!


B: Ripe eggs are lying around. Collect them and prepare a delicious meal for all!


C: Suck black blood from the breasts of passers-by!


D: Lock up all curators and museum directors in circus cages!


E: No eagle dares touch the hearts that vibrate atop pyramids!


F: Kitschy eyes eat rotten fish!


G: Every brain is too slow for you!


H: That which has been achieved is more tedious than the docility of all herd animals!


I: Beware of dog shit!


J: No aesthetics redeems coincidence!


K: Dislodge lightning from ethics!


L: Anti-art is to be spun out of white liquids!


M: Blow your senses by kneeling down before the Holy Madonna!


N: Be stupider fish than those in aquariums!


O: A thousand suns equal your chaos!


P: Art history is an abomination which leads nowhere!


Q: Massacre one another in White Cubes!


R: Practice hara-kiri in the perfume of passion and then take a walk in strangers' souls!


S: Bestow wreaths of frangipani blossoms upon yourselves and stab museum caretakers!


T: Spit upon all metaphysics!


U: Refuse to contribute your talents to sleazy power games!


V: While cutting open masterpieces, laugh more derangedly than any humbled tyrant!


W: Art is the shadow of your impressions: empty, dark, hollow!


X: Fry the attention-grabbers in mild morning wind!


Y: Become visionary: multiple orgasms will then populate your deserts!


Z: Invite artists to a Symposium; feast, drink, multiply yourselves, then barbecue and  eat them in the summer time!


PS: ICA=CIA! What a disgrace! May Jan carve out their brains!



As contribution to Alytus Art Strike Biennial sent by

Marquesa Maricruz de la Iglesia

On behalf of the ICAA (Institute for Contemporary Anti-Art) Board

Granada,  April 20,  2009