Written by STASAC   
Sunday, 16 August 2009 21:33

August 18th, Tuesday 

10.00 – 1st meeting of all already apparent artists, activists and voluntaries. Short introducing into the context. Discussing on technical matters of individual plans and conceiving it in multidisciplinary collective discourse (Alytus Art School – the headquarters for the art strike) 

11.00 – 16.00 – time for arrangements, check-around etc.

16.00 – 18.00 – theoretical brainstorming and discussions (Franco Berardi-Bifo at Alytus Art School)

  August 19th, Wednesday 

10.00 – meeting of the art strikers. Short introducing into the context and reports of things done and preplanned. Discussing on technical matters of individual plans and conceiving it in multidisciplinary collective discourse. 

11.00 – 18.00 – implementation of preplanned and secret plans of the strikers. 

August 20th, Thursday 

10.00 – meeting of the art strikers.

14.00 – 15.00 – the experimental form Press conference for the local and national press (top tradition of all Alytus biennials) –Vilnius anarchists are expected to have a tea party…

15.30 – 16.30 – the official meeting of protest in front of the Town Hall – against bourgeois art in general (the official permission for the political manifestation is planned to be got) 

August 21st, Friday 

10.00 – meeting of the art strikers.

15.30 – 16.30 - the official “monstration” (the absurd form of official political manifestation) in front of the Town Hall – against bourgeois art in general – probably the same as one day before, just developing last day failures into the new forms of expressions (the official permission for the art manifestation is planned to be got)

19.00 – The Art Strike Experimental Sound Producing Event (ASESPE) – in front of the Art School. 

August 22nd, Saturday 

10.00 – experiencing trialectics (possibly 3-sided football mach - in the local park – the rules could be found on the net here: http://aaa.t0.or.at/documents/aaarules.htm  ).

14.00 – cloud buster as a monument for the death of “serious culture” and upcoming era of the sexual omnipotention.

16. 00 – tasting but not drinking event (Alytus museum, Savanorių str.6, Alytus) 

August 23rd, Sunday    

There are planned much more things to happen, but that is kind of structure to hold things together – everything is a subject of discussion right now or when you’ll arrive. It’s up on you which part will be developed more – theoretical or practical, artistic or activist, fun or academic approach … hope for a nice time. 

If somebody are planning to come (not those whom with we already discussed) – please contact us ASAP for the arranging your staying. 

On behalf of STASAC - Redas Diržys & Mantas Kazakevičius 


The participants of the Art Strike Biennial: 

Akvilė Motekūnaitė

Andrius Savickas (UK/LT)

Audrius Mamuntovas

Charlie Citron (NL/USA)

Disidentas Bacevyčia (FR/LT)

Franco Berardi-Bifo (IT)

Karolina Rybačiauskaite
Ugnė Jankauskaitė
Gintarė Čepukaitytė
Karolis Dambrauskas
Edgaras Naujalis
Vita Stasiukynaitė
Justina Garlavičiutė
Sandra Kazlauskaitė
Goda Akuockaitė
Kristina Mikailionytė
Vita Drambulytė
Dovilė Gataveckaitė
Ieva Makselytė
Sandras Šimanauskas

Kurt Ryslavy & Natalie Yalon (BE/AT/IL)

Linas Tranas (UK/LT)

Lloyd Dunn (CZ/USA)

Marius Matulionis 

Martin Zet (CZ)

Monika Narušytė .& Co

Nathan Crothers (N. IRL)

Nicolas Matranga (NL/USA)

Reiu Tüür (EE)

Rotem Balva (IL)

Saulius Užpelkis (UK/LT)

Skaidrius Kandratavičius

Stefan Bohnenberger (BE/DE)

Stephanie Benzaquen (NL/FR)

Stevphen Shukaitis (UK)

Stewart Home & Clare (UK)

The Society for the Materialization of Northern Irish Imagination

Vaidas Gramauskas
Rytė Šidlauskaitė
Gabija Pranskevičiutė
Živilė Steniukynaitė
Radvilė Smalinskaitė
Gintarė Slabačiauskaitė

Vilniaus anarchistai (anarchija.lt)

Virginija Januškevičiūtė

Redas Diržys

Mantas Kazakevičius

Vilija Gaižauskaitė

Povilas Abeciūnas

Vidas Simanavičius

Elzė Sakalinskaitė

Laurynas Motekūnas

Lukas Diržys

Guoda Diržytė

Radvilė Smalinskaitė

Gintarė Slabačiauskaitė

Jurgita Žvinklytė

Inga Jautakytė

Mindaugas Jakučionis

Gita Strikytė Jakučionienė

Narvydas Naujalis

Castor & Pollux

ICAA - Granada


 The list to be continued after confirmation of the arrival date, or affiliation, or simply solidarity.