Written by STASAC   
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 21:02



The event was run by Kurt Ryslavy – an artist who turned into the business of importation of Austrian wines to Belgium, just for money. The whole thing he did in Alytus was based on a gift economy and strongly struck as strike promotion. Besides the prejudices it arranged a very delicate situation were the main ideological impacts got they symbolic venues. 

First to be mentioned was the unexpectedly large number of abstinent people around who were trying to solve their own dilemma between the levels of taste and alcohol consuming. Mostly of them took the posture of solidarity to be present, but hold the bowls with water instead. Italian autonomist Bifo in advance announced about his absolute soberness and choose instead spotlighted stage in Vilnius – European Cultural Capital.      

British countercultural ideologist Stewart Home refused to taste any other color but red and eventually drank some after waiting in line to pas the row of the white ones.  Vilnius anarchists changed over the tasting into attending to a theoretical conference organized by New Left in Vilnius. 

Artists in the space found the piano and started to play quite music so turning the whole event into a usual environment of the opening of ordinary bourgeois art show (the detail pointed out by Stewart). Kurt asked few times to quite because it disturbs concentration on taste, but artists were hardly manageable.  

The mostly disciplined were the teenagers, who tasted everything in a right order and without any supervising simply spited all the alcohol out into special buckles located from both ends of the table. That made a real hope that they are already used to the main revolutionary tool – self organization.  

And at last – the art critics came from Vilnius they did not found an object of what to drink for because the location was taken random, but the wine eventually was also not a cheap one…