Written by ASIMDB   
Monday, 28 September 2009 11:52


  1. After dissolving of STASAC remnants of the committee still keep on running the website and maintaining the whole materials producible on the subject of the Art Strike by its participants, followers and supporters. Due to the further coordination of the process we found temporary structure for developing the art strike ideas - Art Strike Information Maintenance and Dissemination Brigade thereinafter ASIMDB.
  2. The Brigade will take care of the whole materials and papers issued during the Alytus Art Strike campaign. So far the strike still continues on personal recourses – we plan to continue on the collection and dissemination of all materials related. The bourgeois art world does not deserve to know when the assault is over and when the new begins – the brigade will not inform about the end of the strike campaign so to disadvantage the system.
  3. The Brigade will take responsibility on spreading around the ideas of the strike and propaganda against-and -for artists and their art customers.
  4. The Brigade temporary takes over the co-ordination power from former action committee and so tends to lead towards the establishing of international structure for the upcoming slap into the face of “serious culture”.
  5. The Brigade will provide support and co-ordination actions towards whatsoever counter-art activity relative to that of Alytus Art Strike positions.
  6. The Brigade joins and continues on the agitation of establishing the branch of united Psychic Workers at IWW.
  7. The Brigade calls to all the art strikers not to cease with the struggle against the formations of the “serious culture” worldwide.



Redas Diržys, on behalf of Art Strike Information Maintenance and Dissemination Brigade [ASIMDB]

September 28th, 2009, Mexico City