Second Resolution Concerning an Art Strike in Opposition to the Declaration of Vilnius as the 2009 EU City of Culture Print
Written by Redas Diržys   
Sunday, 21 December 2008 16:08

1.      After the logical dissolving of the first ASAC-Alytus it needs to be replaced by Second Temporary Art Strike Action Committee – Alytus Chapter (STASAC-Alytus) which has very concrete mission – to realize and suppress Alytus Art Strike Biennial initiative which is already announced to be a counter-position towards the officiality and significance of cultural capital events of Vilnius. It should be dissolved into the logical tasks rising groups immediately after realization of its main goal.



2.      The idea of the art strike in this context gets different meaning then it has in previously arranged art strikes and is directed to achieve a very concrete goal locally. Our decision to chose the classic economic gun against political structure is because art market enters Eastern European milieu not through economic but through political units.

3.      The main issue of Alytus Art Strike initiative is to not create any artwork or to participate (by consuming, viewing, discussing or in whatever form having relation) in Vilnius Cultural capital events and to dispatch the invitation to every Lithuanian artist and everyone invited to partake in it.

4.      Art strike is not only the ability to forget creativeness and consuming of arts. That is an activism with full consciousness and responsibility in comparison with total irresponsibility of art producers, who never even took into the account what their art is for.

5.      Everyone who is able to withstand his own wish to create is to be invited to partake in Alytus Art Strike Biennial event which will be arranged in the form of no audience, only participants. Also no documentation, no criticism, no any art related form. It to be arranged in the form so the local inhabitants would look more like the actors performing their own life then real traditional audience. The key words for the activities are life, love and trust.

6.      The tactics to be approved for the acting is that of “social engineering”, which was proposed by Karen Elliot in his notes: “Social engineering involves exploiting the human elements of the system, instead of, for example, using sophisticated algorithms to crack passwords or using other forms of program code to break into secured computer systems. Dressed as an ordinary repairman, ostensibly appearing at the door to "fix the photocopier", a hacker using social engineering principles might gain access to very secure equipment simply by using the receptionist’s natural on the job habits and presuppositions.”

7.      We are inviting to write applications for the realization of that task to whatever possible sources of cultural support and to waste it for suppression and realization of art instead of leaving it for the art realizations. Note: if somebody is never using to write the applications it does not means that he/she is not in that game.

8.      There is planned the monument to be erected in Alytus in 2009 – to commemorate the decapitation St. Brunonus and the1000 year anniversary of the critical thought towards the structures of cultural colonization. It supposed to be universal art destroying machine to be used for the realization and suppression of the production made accidentally by less conscious artists.  

9.      In collaboration with Food Not Bombs Coalition there is an iniciative of activists under the name of Food Not Culture Brigade.

10.  Selfcriticism is to be one of the crucial points of the selforganization. No pitty to traitors! Eternal blame to them!

11.  All international initiatives of solidarity are appreciated.

12.  We do not want to transport the strike automatically to the other countries (Trotskyist case of permanent revolution) – every local situation should be reevaluated by local artists/activists and adequate action methods should be chosen by themselves.

13.  So we hope to switch from the artistic tend to the art hunger endurance which ends on desperation to more radical enduring solidarity in action.

14.  STASAC-Alytus is open to collaborate on other countercultural activities worldwide.

15.  The Revolution is Dead: long live the revolution!

Signed, Redas Diržys
Alytus, 3rd July 2008