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Written by Lloyd Dunn   
Tuesday, 09 December 2008 16:58


YAWN: Sporadic Critique of Culture was a newsletter or broadsheet edited by Lloyd Dunn that focused on the commentaries and activities surrounding the Art Strike of 1990-1993, as formulated by various "Art Strike Action Committees" in various cities in Europe and North America. 



YAWN's only editorial purpose was to assemble, without much critical filtering, any and all printed material concerning the Art Strike (and similar activities) that fell into its hands.

YAWN appeared frequently, though at unpredictable intervals, beginning soon after, and in partial response to the Festival Of Plagiarism, held at Transmission Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland, during the month of August, 1989. The publication continued thoughout the period of the Art Strike, usually taking the form of a 216x279mm two-sided printed sheet, though occassionally also appearing as special supplements within the pages of other publications.  The final issue appeared in March, 1993, and was entirely devoted to Stewart Home's summary of the entire period of time, given as an address in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England, on 30 January, 1993.  

Dunn will present an overview of the YAWN newsletter project and summarize the role it played in its particular cultural scene.   

LLOYD DUNN (*1957, Iowa, USA) is a multimedia artist and publisher who currently lives in Prague. His work began in 1983 with the inauguration of PhotoStatic Magazine, for which he served as editor, publisher and frequent contributor. PhotoStatic was intended to focus primarily on art created specifically for the xerox machine, but quickly found itself in the burgeoning zine community that was so active during the 1980s and 90s. The last issue (no. 49) appeared in 1989. In 1987 he co-founded the multimedia group The Tape-beatles with John Heck and Ralph Johnson, and began the creation of a series of works that included sound and film collage, as well as live performance. Dunn has remained closely involved in a variety of arts-related projects up to the present time. 

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