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Written by Martin Zet   
Tuesday, 09 December 2008 17:27

The presentation is about something else, but I found it relevant to present following text by Martin Zet. Though the deadline have passed the offer is still valid… (R.D.)



Dead line: September 11, 2006

An artist from Libusin (Czech Republic) in the prime of his life (born 1959) with certain international recognition is holding a competition to be his: MAIN SPONSOR/BACKER


The application* should contain:
Name and surname
Professional CV involving a description of life priorities and a Credo
The origin of the money/wealth considered for the sponsorship
Experience in the field
Current activities in the field
Business activities in the past and now
Business relations
Political orientation
Political involvement
Portrait photograph (up to 1 MB – be sure to indicate top)
Description of the Project (up to 500 words) including:
1) how much money you want to invest into this artist and in what way
2) how long you wish to make an investment
3) in what way do you wish to be mentioned in the materials attempting to find their place in history
4) explanation of why you want to support in particular Marin Zet

Send your aplications** to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it *** by September 11, 2006.

No fees are required

The three best proposals will be selected by seven member Zet Family Jury (4+2+Ifigenie) within 2 months of the dead line. Negotiations on the system of how the sponsors will share the honour of taking care of this person and his family can then start.

Martin Zet
P. O. Box 21
273 06 Libusin
Czech Republic

* Because the selection process is extremely competitive please consider your suggestion carefully.
** All the materials will become part of the Martin Zet’s Possible Sponsors Collection (PSC).
*** “volny” in Czech means FREE.   

MARTIN ZET is an artist and noble man living in Libušin – Little apple of the world. Is characteristic of Martin Zet that he doesn’t like to elaborate and present his professional biography, though he loves to read the professional biographies of others...Also he has a bad fate with applications for institutions (for grants, job, competitions etc). 

ZCCA-LIBUSIN is the (ussually) non-profit organisation founded 14 October 1998 in Libusin, Czech Republic. Beside publishing the magazine Z-ART it deals with essential research of „value-price“ and „strange-normal“ problematics and is active also in other fields. One of its most ambitious aims is trying to find missing or forgotten points in visual art part of spectrum of human culture to help to again connect disconnected.