Singing Man Flying the Flag Print
Written by STASAC   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009 22:08


“If you’re fuckin’ crazy you can’t follow their rules…” [John Lennon. Working Class Hero.]


In the midday of January 21st, 2009 aged man holding black flag without any symbolic entered the main square of Alytus city. He stood facing the city hall and started to sing songs slightly ironic towards the authorities. Immediately one police crew drove with the car to the man and started to interrogate him. He explained that he asked permission to his wife to do the action, then took self made flag which supposed to mean his hopeless social situation, and simply decided to sing because there is nothing else remaining for him to do. He was not drunk. Meanwhile some people crowded in the place and asked to the policemen – what is wrong in man’s singing. Policeman replied that there is not allowed to sing in the midday in the central square in the city and they suspect the man to be psychic. One more official appeared and asked why ambulance still is not here. Shortly after that ambulance car drove to the crowd. Orange dressed medical asked man his name. Man while singing was not able to answer. “Subject is not going into contact” – said medical and that was a sign to take man by force into the ambulance car. Some time passed and man came back to he square, but without flag and did not sang any more.

Instead of talking about suppression of the elementary human rights in new baked country “democratic” capitalism we just want to emphasize few cultural aspects of this particular case: 

1.              Where is the edge dividing the cultural production of so called cultural workers and self expression of the ordinary people?

2.              Why people are pushed to get into their heads from a very childhood the very notions of talentlessness and obedience to those self-appointed to be exceptional minority?

3.              Why there is so much focus on some creativity of “big names” and arranged such a big the State repression apparatus (educational system, police, cultural apparatus and even medical care)   against the ordinary wo/men’s creativity to be raised?

4.              What is to be obligatory to explore you creativity: first – education, skills and to be gifted, of course; then – you should be institutionalized, and to appear according to approved schedule, and in the right place. From the viewpoint of the art strike biennial organizers we see that all that notions to be unconsidered during the art strike biennial.