Left, Right and Centre - united in Fascism 02/09 Print
Written by A Situationist Worker   
Sunday, 01 March 2009 21:57

While Capitalism crumbles as international labour continues its historical subordination of land and capital under its power, the bourgeois ruling class in London is defending imperial time via the Centenary of the proto-Fascist Futurist manifesto in another attempt to unify against Communism – from the government’s propaganda machine, through to avant-gardists, artists and of course, the so-called revolutionaries from the left and right of Capital.

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First off the mark this month was the Nazi National Anarchists who had a talk on Futurism at their New Right meeting. Close on their trail was the notoriously racist BBC who began with interviews on the avant-garde art with an editor from the avant-garde art magazine Mute, rehashing CIA frontman Clement Greenberg's ideas - of avant-garde as kitsch modernism. This 2 dimensional logic - of thesis and antithesis of modernism and post modernism, without the historical synthesis of the avant-garde only serves to obscure the cultural force of art today - and bring together the avant-garde and the occult, all the while denying both.

This shutting down and denial of consciousness - is nothing new and reminds us of the proto-fascist Futurist theories of 4 dimensional painting, shutting down consciousness into 3 spatial and 1 temporal dimension using a mystical notion of intuition - precisely at the point when capitalism itself was under threat during the First World War. It's no surprise then that another ex-Mute editor was on Radio 4 recently equating Communism with Fascism in support of the European state's celebration of the proto-fascist Futurists centenary - evidence that the only future for ruling class culture is in the 1 dimensional direction of the past.

And for an example of something which has even less dimensions, think of the upcoming promotion of the Anarchists of Freedom Press and the Post-Futurists who want us to equate Communism with a singularity! The 0 dimensional singularity is of course a euphemism for God in European scientific circles – the moment of the "big bang" of divine creation that is the aim of the scientists search at CERN -as it has been for centuries - just like the mythical moment of revolution these idiots want to sell us. To equate this with Communism reveals a deep seated Eurocentrism.

The only creator is the worker and this creation - and of course Communism - is not a definitive point fixed in space and time but it a constant unfolding and opening of space time and value - by the Revolutionary Proletariat which expands its activities through 3 dimensions of space, 3 dimensions of time and 3 dimensions of logic - and beyond, onwards to ever expanding relations and perspectives of the workers.