Written by STASAC   
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 22:12



During the official protest meeting “Adieu, Culture?” what started on May 5th at 1PM at the parliament the group of independent artists arranged radical action “A Crucified Artist”. The action raised the hopeless position of nowadays artists and intended to show the only solution for it – the public crucifixion. The act of crucifixion was accomplished by executioners so representing the authorities increasing the taxes for the artists-workers, cunning cultural functionary, aggressive artistic concurrence and sluggish society of spectacle.  


The action propagated following announcement: Today we are facing total poverty of the artists and all creative people. Nowadays artist is doomed to the hopeless fight against everybody:-against authorities which raised the taxes;-against cultural institutions, which exploits him ideologically and financially;-against other artists, which are absolutely alienated and simply annoyed by concurrence which each other;-and at least against all the society which is turned into a TV-fodder and has no idea what the artists are for. 


An artist is not able to resist authorities who flood him/her with taxes. 

Up to today an artist was able to stay in his/her ivory tower and to face everyday life from above. Artist was in trust with illusion of coming soon saving global artistic market and trust to his/her talent, which was continuously supported by authorities with the taxpayers’ money. But under the capitalist conditions artist’s social status slightly shifted and economic grip strangled his/her neck. It’s evident that authorities are satisfied with very few obedient bastards with nominal; artistic education – just to be accompanied in a higher society. So the majority of the artists will be left to die at the gateway. On the other hand authorities gave an incredible opportunity to rise up and so to complete the critical mass so far the illusions are dead and the artists are sufficiently angry. It’s time simply to come down to the street and there to explore the creative potential! 

Nowadays artist is crawling to the cultural functionary and foundations 

Nowadays artist believes that status of an artist is given by institution. Nowadays artist do not wish to conflict with an institution. Nowadays artist take scare on himself. But indeed the cultural capitalism manipulates artist who simply works and the fact is enough different kind of “artists-to-represent” unions to be thriven. In the case of the artists’ conflict with authorities those organizations usually are the ones to lute the gaps appeared instead of solving the real problems – their real task is to cherish bourgeois elitism.Dear artist, the time came to shake away all kinds of bloodsuckers from your body! They are weak today as never before and still hope to fight for their own prosperity till the last blood drop of yours. Away with art functionaries who are nothing else but Pharisees without fantasy! 

Nowadays artist is forced to bite through other artist’s throat  


Neoliberal capitalism imposed concurrence, specialization and copyrights crushes down an art worker. Neoliberal capitalism imposes the commerce and market as value standard. Neoliberal capitalism turned an art worker into the machine of production which after the complete working hours is dropped away into the scrap. 

Dear artist, creation is not an individual act as it was for a long time drilled into heads! And only general creative act could be of great use to society – other one is just perverse habit. So your destination in the society – not the production for the market and authorities, but rather bringing to life a new experiences and non specialized total creativeness without any trace of concurrence. Everything created under the name of art in the society of capitalism are just copyrights which is the subject for the credulous people to kneel at. Creation is not the case of ownership, there is nothing to stare at in the act of creation – that is about being in it. The times when artist fighted against another artist is passed – now we are to start destroying of the machinery for production art and culture and their sacrosanct shield – the copyrights! 

Nowadays artist sells out to the society of spectacle 

Art and culture turned fully into the show-business. The society of spectacle is based on the recreation of the working power which is needed for use of the new forms of the recreation facilities. And so endless. The society does not have an idea what the artists are in generally sued for.  

Against all – against the authorities, functionary and the consumer society – fighting the artists easily could be turned into a new spectacle for the TV-fodder kind of peoples’ mass. Finally we are asking the artists to come down to the street for the joint creative act before the angry people – the ones who disappointed with that entire spectacle – will do it first.  





STASAC & En Arche

May 5th, 2009